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My brother’s account was permanently terminated, saying that he assisted or engaged in item or gold sales with real world currency. I am sure he did not do that as we do not have that much money to buy gold. We mailed gold to each other only to help one another in buying stuff. For example, i am doing a quest and i need something fast, so i will mail him the money and he will mail me the item. Thats all we did. Then suddenly one day i found my brother’s account terminated. I sent a ticket to support and they say they have restored my brother’s account’s access to guild wars 2. But i tried logging in to the forum, it said " Login Error : You do not have access to Guild Wars 2". Then i tried logging in to game, i recieved the message " Grace period is now over : You have not applied a retail serial code to your account and the grace period has ended. Until you apply a retail serial code, you will be unable to continue playing Guild Wars 2. please visit the retailer where you pre-purchased or pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 to obtain your retail serial code ". May i know what happened and why my brother still cannot have access to Guild Wars 2??

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Hello to both of you.

MalevolentReaper, you need to open a second ticket (as the first one is already resolved although incorrectly it seems) to Customer Support so they can have a look to this new incidence. Remember to provide all the possible details about the account so they can help you faster and if the ticket goes three days or more unanswered, do not hesitate to post it in the sticky for old tickets.