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A guildy of mine got banned yesterday, so I’m here trying to see if anything can be done to getting his account unbanned.

Account id: Cire.8340
reference number: 121224-002477

Kinda speechless tbh, because he doesn’t own a lot of gold, and his only transactions would be via the gem store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
2-3 days ago Cirer lent 100g to guildmate Sylvanwood.2746 which was immediately returned. I believe Anet can check records on Sylvanwood as well.

Also recently same deal happened with coronbale.3894 but was unbanned quickly. It’s good to see Anet being on top of things and all, but really puts a dent on the Christmas spirit for the innocent people out there.

Please unban my friend. Thanks in advance, Anet.

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Hello Jsyc.

If your friend is proven innocent, his account will be restored immediately. Please, bear in mind that Customer Support needs also time to sort things out and the banning occurred yesterday so you should wait a little bit more. If the ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, then proceed to write the reference number and a brief description in the following stickied thread.