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Ticket# 121222-000350
Date 12/21/2012 08:12 PM

I play alot of hours; I am retired. I am an old school gammer and do most of my play grinding gear and gold as that is what I am used to doing. I have been playing MMO’s for over 19 years started with UO release and this is the first time I have ever had any sort of problem with a Vendor. On the 21st I was grinding out loadstones in EB to sell to buy gear for my Guardian. When I grind I have no problems doing this for hours on end; I don’t mind the grind. I found having my account terminated for doing nothing wrong and something I have done for 19+ years to be upsetting to say the least. Now I am forced to jump through these hoops to have an account returned to me when it should have never been taken in the first place. I understand there are bot users out there and you are trying to remove them from the game but that should never be at the cost of players following the rules.

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Hello Lugnut.

We understand your situation but rest assured that the moment you are proven innocent, your account will be restored immediately. Please, bear in mind that Customer Support needs also time to sort things out and the banning occurred recently so you should wait for a while. However, as the ticket has gone unanswered for more than three days, please proceed to write the reference number and a brief description in the following stickied thread and it will be taken as a priority.

Thanks for your patience.