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Incident: 121225-001102

After so long we manage to drag one of our friend back to play Guild War 2. Some of us even chip in Gold to welcome him back. So during his first day back on Christmas Eve. He came back to play, and one of our guild treasurer sent him gold as a form to welcome him back and help him to get on with his gear.

Today, the friend who was first day back, was discovered banned. With the message

" Your Guild Wars 2 account has been terminated for engaging in or assisting with gold or item sales for real-world money, which is a breach of the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct. This action is permanent. "

We talk him back into playing the games and in the end, on his first day, he received the gold which our friend chip in to help and our Treasurer just sent him and later he got banned.

What is this ???? If sending of money is illegal, why not make everything Account binding and un-tradeable. If Sending gold is illegal, why don’t the developer disable the function?

So what is the rules? Sending of gold is not allowed?

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Hello Zhasona.

We understand the frustration as this seems to be a wrongful banning. Rest assured however that the moment your friend is proven innocent, his account will be restored immediately. Please, bear in mind that Customer Support needs also time to sort things out and the banning occurred today so he should wait for a while. If the ticket has gone unanswered for more than three days, please proceed to write the reference number and a brief description in the following stickied thread and it will be taken as a priority.

Thanks for your patience.