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Regional FlagLost item due to removal from instance.Source
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I was in a Tixx instance when I was opening the chest. The other 4 members of the team left, and then it removed me from the area, and I lost my items from the chest as I had a full inventory and was sorting it out to make space.

Why is this? How do I get my items back?

Why would it be that if you’re the last person inside, it automatically kicks you out? Surely this is some huge oversight on Anet? If I didn’t leave the area, then it means I don’t want to leave, so why am I forcefully removed if the other team members bail?

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Hello MysticMelody.

We are aware of the frustration this situation may bring to your gaming experience and the team is working on a solution to these particular incidences. In the meantime you can try and contact Customer Support although I would not build my hopes up as there is quite unlikely that they will bring to you those items, I am afraid.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconveniences.