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Okay so this party function needs rework. When the host the player that zones the party in leaves everyone gets booted. This is quite ridiculous we can’t always play with friends or guildies. When you pug you always take the risk of having the party leader leave.

I usually try be the party leader myself but today when we started a fractals group I zoned us in then 1 player declined the enter. So we all came out and he zoned us in and he said it was an accident. I had this feeling that he was going to leave at the end so nobody could loot the chest and what does he do as soon as jademaw dies he exits his client immediately then relogs 1minute later then i whisper him saying why he did it he then says " I am an anet employee, and it was an accident I have kids" I took a screenshot of this. This isn’t the first time this has happened I usually try invite players I had good past experiences with from my friend list. How exactly do you report someone for doing this do you put it under scamming?

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Hello everyone.

We are aware of the fact that there is no proper tab for reporting these attitudes so I will forward this today to the team. For the time being, you can select the “scamming” option or alternatively you can send your screenshots and details of this particular incidence to Customer Support. Both ways help us.

We close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.