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Ushiromiya Xyrius.1470
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I’m not sure of where to post this into, but please let me ask,

I am about to transmute items with these transmutation stones but I dont have very many of them so I need to be sure what to do,
say that I have a ’Jormag’s Breath’ and an Exotic ’Berserker’s Pearl Sabre’ lv 80
I can use the Fine Transmutation Stone to transmute them with no chance of failure, right?

In which position should I put the Jormag’s Breath so that after transmutation, the item name will still be Jormag’s Breath but with the status of the Berserker’s Pearl Sabre?

Thank you very very much for the answers!
Merry Christmas!

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Hello everyone.

Since the question of Ushiromiya has been answered, we proceed to close the thread. Thank you very much to the others for your answers.