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First, sorry for my bad English.
I love this game so much but really upset and feeling bad for this unfair ban to me.
I’m Arx.5147, my friend is nightober.5043.
As you can see, I’m using my friend’s account to post topic, because my account got banned by “RMT”.
But I didn’t do any “RMT” ever.

About 1 week earlier, my friend nightober.5043 sent me golds and mats, and got banned of that.
He waited 3 days, and a GM reviewed his situation, and unbanned his account.
After that, I payed his golds back to him, and got banned.
This is not fair, it’s obviously not RMT.

Nightober is my real life friend and best friend in gw2.
We created characters just after gw2 begin. We make party and level up to 80 together. We played uncountable dungeons together.
Even we shared our account each other. I login his account and so did him.
You can check our login IP to verify this.
Nightober’s online time isn’t as much as mine, but everytime he is online, I would play with him in a same party.
You can check our game history to verify this.
Even if you want, I can give both mine and my friend’s cdkey and account and password.

Please verify these situation I’ve written and let us enjoy christmas with our best friend in the game we like so much.

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Hello Arx.

We understand the situation here but rest assured that your account will be restores as soon as Customer Support sees your innocence (as it already happen with your friend). I see that your ticket is quite recent so please, I would ask you to remain patient till Customer Support gets back to you. If the ticket goes three or more days unanswered, please, proceed to write that reference number in the following thread.