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id like to point out something first.
i made a thread today about my ticket and it got reviewed as
121221-003023 RMT — will not be reinstated. Final answer.
i made a forum thread about this, and it got moved and got mailed.
i clicked on it and it didnt show where it was moved to, so i think it got deleted.

my ticket 121221-003023 belongs to jsvkkie.2037
i made 2 threads total, one for the ticket 121221-003023 and its still open, normally id think you’d close it. i have updated this ticket several times and did not make a 2nd ticket to follow up on this. never had a reply from anyone, the only answer is that i got banned forever.
can you relook at my ticket?

ps. this is my 2nd ticket, i had another ticket on some other issue i was experiencing which occured 2 days prior to the 2nd ticket. the first ticket was done with back and forth replies but this ticket has no replies at all. therefor i felt that the 2nd ticket wasnt looked careful over and/or ignored.

i’d like to know why i got a permanent ban and no resolve for RMT, while im 100% certain i did not do RMT and yet got banned because of it

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This has been answered already. Please do not post again on the same, answered topic.