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So I tried logging in several times and it says either my username or password is wrong. I signed in to my email and got this msg twice from arenanet:

“A log-in attempt from the following location is currently awaiting your authorization.”
City: -blank-
Region: -blank-
Country: -blank-

Apparently someone just knows my log-in credentials (both email and password) then somehow my own password is changed or refused. The hacker is from US, I’m from Asia.

My PC is clean, my password for GW is unique. I’d appreciate an official response too. Thanks.

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It doesnt explain how hackers are(still) able to target any player they want to gain access to his/her account in a couple of minutes.

Yes, it does. There are millions of “known passwords” and these situations generally fall into the category of someone using a password used elsewhere. Please review the article for more information.