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I have post my problem to Support and hasn’t got any answer or reply yet, please help to check, below is the problem,

I was playing my game as usual then again I got kick out the game, then blocking me by saying I am selling golds and items for real-world money,
if is that, may I ask why can’t I send golds to my Guild members ?? which some of them help me when I was start playing the game, which when I got more golds that I make it return to them, If this is the reason I got block, then I really want to know why?? you can check if you like, I sent those golds to 4 of my guild members, 5g each and one of my member return to me, please double check, as right now you are blocking a player which didn’t do anything wrong, and those people who are still selling golds never get block, and those people who are selling golds just keep sending mails to us all the time, why dont they get block for sending those mails ??.

Ticket No. 121222-000274

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There is a thread above — “Tickets for Review: 3 Days and Older.” You may post in that thread. We ask that players not create individual threads to request help with / follow up on their issues