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This is purely a question, I have no problems with it anymore, I am just asking.

Okay I was buying gems and stuff for couple days row.
At morning I bought gems, when I tried to do that at evening it didn’t work.
I had to contact support etc, they were able to “give” permission me to buy gems for 24 hours. So I did.

The question is, why there is such a problem? Do I need to always ask a permission to buy gems from now on? I mean… I had no problem before, why suddenly I need to contact support first and then buy gems?

Is this a bug or security measure or something? And no, I am not complaining just wondering.

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Michael said it pretty well. This process — as much as it’s a bother — is a protection against credit card fraud. It protects you and it protects us. Hopefully, having to get “permission to buy” isn’t too big a pain, and we are trying to find ways to make it easier for people to buy gems, support the game — truly a win/win/win.

Thanks for understanding!