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Hi guys, I recently bought Commander title, and double clicked on it to activate it. However the commander status did not show on my character nor in WvW. So i was wondering if there was a bug with the Commander title or do i have to do something else for it to show up on my character.

Before anyone of you guys start flaming about me getting a commander title because i have money to spend. Sure but the thing is i don’t WvW much but i PvE alot and i like to help people in PvE especially for Dynamic events in Curse shores. I’ve been inspired by a couple of Commanders in Curse Shores shouting out the events, and helping me with my karma farming. So this time i wanna help people during times like those.

So if someone could help me with this problem, much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello everyone.

As it seems that the question has been solved, we proceed to close the thread. Thank you very much, Michael, for your contribution.