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its not my account, my friend help a friend (real life friend) to finish his legendary by borrowing him a total of 70g on the 23rd after that he went for a holiday and come back after christmas 26th. and found out he is banned for selling gold. he already send a ticket. okay lets say arenanet unban him and after few weeks the other friend want to return his gold when he has enough will he be ban too? Is arenanet really doing their job before banning or let the IA to do it automatically banned people for sending 70g? REAL gold sellers never get banned innocent players always get the blame. this is really disappointing.

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Hello there, Fook.

If your friend has already sent a ticket (and the issue seems to be quite recent) then he needs to wait till Customer Support gets back to him. The moment he is proven innocent, his account will be restored. At the moment the team is studying these cases carefully; rest assured in any case that real gold sellers are also getting banned.

We proceed to close the thread now.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.