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“Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging.”
Every time I have encountered the above, it has been in the completely wrong context. Maybe I don’t fully understand the coding, but it can’t be right…

For example:
If I am having a lengthy conversation in map chat, many lines, in rapid succession (either with others or by myself), it never triggers. I even think “boy, I better talk less so I don’t trigger it…” Never happens.

But when it does trigger…
When I haven’t said anything for fifteen minutes. I say something. Then another. Second message suppressed; deemed excessive.

I really wish I was exaggerating and I really wish this was an isolated incident.
Feel free to move, or point me to further reading to better understand this issue. There have been a number of boss fights that have been significantly hindered because of this.

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Hello there, Jaqalope.

There are already other threads in this subforum that threat this issue (therefore we will close this one). In these moments the team is aware of this and studying it carefully. Thanks for your patience.