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Was doing the quest where you had to challange soldiers when a event went up to kill invading skritts at the nearby cave in Last Stand Shekter. Their morale very quickly went to 60% after starting which suprised me a bit.

Went there to see 5 afk hunters, all in the same gear shooting everything that respawned. Guessing they leveld this way by killing skritters and by doing the event over and over.

Sorry if wrong section no Idea wheret to post this, should have its own forum.

Screenshoot included.

Also note this was around 6am on dec 25th, yes I woke up due to hangover haha.


Edit: When writing this the event respawned again which I guess hints at its fast respawn rate, explaining why he choose this place. They were all downscaled so no idea what level they actually are.

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Hello Manditory.

The forums are not the best place to post this kind of screenshots. You can always report botting behaviour through the in-game reporting tools (clicking their names with right-click of the mouse and reporting them); alternatively you can also send your screenshots to Customer Support as a ticket. Either way helps us a great deal and makes Tyria a better gaming place for all of you.

Thanks for all your reports and patience!