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My wife and a couple of friends have played GW2 for the last couple of weeks and I want to surprise them by showing up in the game. Yes, I am a real Mr. Wiggly. ;-) (Clara’s husband in the web series The Guild, for those of you who don’t get the reference.)

I already bought GW2 (Digital Deluxe Edition) & installed it on my pc. I know one of my wife’s character names and I think I (sort of) know the name of her guild (not entirely sure of the spelling).

The only problem is: I don’t know what server she is on. I’m a Lord of the Rings Online player and there I would just make an account on every server and then search in-game for a particular character. However, GW2 has a different world system (or so I’ve read) and I want to get it right from the first time.

Any suggestions? Apart from actually asking her (or my friends) or hacking her account (which I would find inproper to do).

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Hello everybody.

Laurana Fox, welcome to Tyria and the official GW2 forums. Now that you found out the info you were searching for, you only need to wait a little bit to make the server jump. It may seem difficult sometimes with very popular servers but it is possible.

Have fun with your surprise scheme!