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George Steel.1804
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So I’m getting this skillpoint and hit up the node afterwards, a silver node. As I’m done mining, I’m suddenly startled.

There’s a ranger here!?

But no one walked down this huge tunnel with me…

This guy is not only naked (was a ranger, typical bot profession), not wearing gear, but immediately after mining the node 3x he vanishes into thin air.

I ended up adding the name to my friends list, WHOA.. he’s still in Gendarran Fields (by the time I got this pic he had zipped underground to Kessex), and he’s still online. Whispered him.. no response…

What have you been doing to combat these types of botters ANet? It’s really hard to catch their names and be able to report it..

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Hello everybody,
please remember that you can report bots using the in-game tool for that purpose or via Customer Support. Also, please do not post any names here in the forums. That would not help solve this issue.
Thanks and have a nice one!