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Server : Piken Square

The Shadow Behemoth appeared today.
The first thing I found weird is that the events that should trigger it did not appear.
He just spawned there…
At the start I tried attacking the portals but nothing…Not even AoE attacks could destroy them.
Then more people came and we tried to destroy them together but still nothing.

Then someone said that the Rotting Oakheart is up. So we went to kill it because it is said that Behemoth can’t be Spawned the same time with the Oakheart. When we killed it we went back to the Behemoth to see if it worked but it was still Untargetable.

Though we can’t attack him he can kill us as usual.
The event triggered some days before and it was just fine. Maybe the morning patch has to do something with it ?

I am waiting for an answer, and thanks for your time.

Here are some pictures

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Were you able to click-target other objects/players?

There’s currently a bug where players can end up unable to target anything, and we’re trying to figure out if this is just coming up more frequently when fighting the Shadow Behemoth or if it’s a separate bug only related to the Shadow Behemoth. Thanks!