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Hello guys I’m the main EB Commander in the T1 server SoS, And i got ban for 72 hours for inappropriate languague, I would like to know if is any chance to get unban early if I apologize here in the forum, some times when I’m commanding big zergs I said the wrong thing while I’m commanding I’m sorry if anyone was offended.

Please guys I can’t be ban I need to help my server and I have a Guild to RUN.

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Players are not automatically suspended because they are reported. A player is only suspended if a review by a support agent — usually more than one — confirms that the chat was offensive.

  • The fact the game has a chat filter does not give anyone a “License to Swear.”
  • We don’t waste our resources on tracking down players and giving individual warnings because the warnings are given in the Rules of Conduct, the Naming Policy, and the User Agreement. See our Legal Documentations Section for more information, and please do read the Conduct Breaches and Outcomes document in that section for a clear explanation of our policies.
  • Issuing a warning — as discovered in other games — is a huge timesink in that the person who is warned invariably protests, argues, and wants to negotiate a removal of the warning.
  • The rules apply to everyone, regardless of a person’s position in the community. Solo player, guild leader, PvPer, guild member, PvEer – the rules apply to all.

While players do try to grief one another by submitting reports of offensive chat, it is only after a review and confirmation of the offense that the suspension is given.