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Ahoy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a hold of someone here that will be able to review my ticket and assist with getting my account rolled back. The jitters are getting to me now after three days.
I submitted a ticket to get assistance with rolling back my account after it was hacked, stating in the ticket that I had regained access to the account myself, and that the issue was to roll the account back.

Support answered with a request for the usual identifying materials (CD Key, char names, etc etc) and then proceeded the day after to do exactly NOT what I needed them to do. They reset my password, changed the email to an old account, which terminated service well over 5 years ago (It was used for my GW1 account) and told me that the account compromise happened before December 1st. That is not the case, it happened on December 23rd.

If someone could please review my ticket with ID 121223-001933, and take a few moments to thoroughly read the messages contained therein, then maybe we can get this resolved?

Happy holidays.

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We’ll take another look. If you qualify for restoration, and if the compromise took place after December 1st, I feel sure you’ll hear from a CS agent soon.