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Mad Queen Malafide.7512
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Today I was walking around in Caladon Forest. I died once, but fortunately a friendly other player helped me up. So I typed: “Thanks.”

About a half hour later I died again, but yet again a nearby player was kind enough to help me up. So again I typed: “Thanks”, but this time around the spam filter blocked it. It said I was messaging too excessively. I tried changing the wording to “Thank you kindly”, but again it was being blocked.

Several hours later I wanted to thank another player (still in the same zone)… but the excessive messaging filter was still preventing me from typing anything in “all” or “map” chat.

I think it might be about time this issue was fixed, its getting a bit silly. Typing “thanks” once in a zone is not messaging excessively.

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Hello Mad Queen.

We have been receiving a lot of reports on this issue and the team is studying it. We would ask you to remain patient till it gets solved. Thank you very much!