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I submitted a ticket, but I think I chose the wrong section in the drop-down menu, so I’m posting here. I got the Permanent Black Lion Pick-Up Contract out of a Black Lion Chest yesterday. I accidentally clicked on it and used it while transferring other items into my bank. I intended to sell it; I don’t need it. Now I’m stuck with this account bound reusable BLTP pick up. Is there any way to fix this? It’s the first item worth any decent money on the TP I’ve ever gotten. I had plans for it already (getting my ranger’s cultural armor and getting the everlasting toymaker’s tonic). Please help.

— One Really Depressed Player

Edit: Ticket #121227-000601

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Hello LadyWolfsong.

I see that the incidence is quite new, from yesterday, so it is still a little bit early to get an answer from Customer Support. There is a sticky for old tickets (three days and older) that have gone unanswered, where I would ask you to post your reference number once you have been waiting those three days. For the time being, please, remain a little bit patient till Customer Support gets back to you.

However, do not build your hopes up as although very unfortunate, the mistake was a human one and not a product of an internal error or bug inside the game.

Thanks for your patience and good luck.