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Diasozo zu Heltzer.8720
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I have reached the 48,000/48,000 rank points required to achieve the Mercenary title. However, the title icon at the end of the filled bar is still grayed out.

My account screen doesn’t show that I am a Dolyak yet either (I’m about 2/3 through level 20 in PvP), and the Mercenary title hasn’t been rewarded.

I think they may be linked, because both aren’t happening like they should. Any tips? Any solutions?

I have tried playing more games and earning glory, but this glory doesn’t push me over to achieve the title like I thought it would. Currently, I am taking a break from playing more PvP so I don’t waste rank points from Pvp play-time that isn’t counting.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Diasozo.

Thanks for letting us know. Glad that you could get your Mercenary title. As this is not longer the description of a bug, we proceed to close the thread.