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I just got the deluxe edition today, and created a character, and decided to change it after creating (I’m big on character customization) – Plus is was so hard to come up with a name!
I didn’t realise I wouldn’t get the special in game items again… I’m gutted now and learnt my lesson! Is there any way to get them back on this one occasion? I hold my hands up and realize I was a idiot and didn’t read the in game email properly, but now I feel like I have brought the deluxe edition and got nothing for it beside the base game…is there anything to be done?

Thanks in advance, and go easy on my stupidity ! ;-)

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Hello everyone.

Adriannauk, we are glad to hear that . As the question seems to have been solved, we proceed to close the thread (advising you to take a closer look specially when deleting and buying items ).