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A friend of mine was kicked out form the game yesterday while doing instance together with other guildmates,then when he tried to relog and had a message from anet that his account was banned for botting or macro abuse.
We played together for months,every day,several hours,he has 500 or more hours gameplay,we talk all the time in teamspeak,doing instances,jumping puzzle or farming all togheter,gathering,exping alt,etc
We all have no idea why he’s got banned,because all we know that he has done nothing wrong.
He has done ticket to anet,but no mail,no explanation,nothing.
Meanwhile,all the bot i report been there for week every day farming 24h.
Just want to understand if is possible that all this situation is a grat mistake.

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Hello everyone.

Shagura, from the forums we cannot really speed up the process, if your friend already put a ticket with Customer Support. I see that the incidence is quite recent so I would ask you a little bit more of patience till Customer Support gets back to your friend. In these cases, rest assured that he will receive his account back as soon as they check the logs.

As ShiningSquirrel indicates, if the ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, proceed to post the reference number and a little description inside the stickied thread provided for this.

Thanks for your patience!