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So…I grinded away at HotW and AC for Power/Vitality/Toughness gear and today I was on my last piece: the light armor leggings from HotW. Apparently I was too eager to complete my set or too tired from dungeoneering that I accidentally bought the medium leggings…smh.
Is there a way to reverse this without grinding HotW or AC another 5 times? Is there another, more easily obtained armor set with those stats in game?
If not, I ask Robert Hrouda if maybe a dungeon armor exchange system can be put into place so when people make the mistake I did in the future, they can reverse it.

P.S. This is my first Dungeon post so I thought I’d say thank you to Robert Hrouda because I haven’t seen another developer in these forums as dedicated to answering questions and getting involved with the community as him.

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Hello everyone.

Since the question has been solved, we proceed to close the thread.
Thanks for your contributions!