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Please kill those bots!
You said you have better tools and you can act faster… this seems to be not true at all!

I am reporting the same bots day-by-day and they are still out there

Here is my activity from the last 1 hour:

They are in the same zone, and makes my game unenjoyable… every price are going down… and this makes my game and your game pointless…

The whole economy is controlled by the bots… they are farming tons of materials in each and every hour and lovers the prices so the honest players are unable to get money… but the dishonest players will buy the gold from the farmers…

Do something…!

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Hello Solon.

We understand how frustrating this is for you but rest assured that the team has not stopped in dealing with this issue since launch. We would ask you to keep on reporting through the in-game reporting tools or the ticketing system, as this is the most effective way in helping us.

Thank you very much for your patience and your reports. They are highly appreciated.