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I dont play GW2 about 1.5 months. And what I have seen after loging? My deluxe version was CANCELED. 1600 krystals dropped away and not return to me. WTF???????
It is new path? spend money and lost it if you not play month????
I DEMAND RETURN. And compensation! 2000 crystals. Or all know how you do buisiness whith your costumers.

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Hello everyone.

Uman, have you sent a ticket to Customer Support informing them about this incidence? (You say you have reported but I do not know if you have done this in the game or to Customer Support). If not, I would encourage you to open one as soon as possible, by clicking here. They are the ones who can help you effectively with this if you provide them with all the details about your account and problem.

This said, please note that the use of a demanding language on the forums will not speed up in any way the process of resolution. We proceed to close your thread because of that. If the ticket goes unanswered for three or more days, please, proceed to write the reference number and a little description in the following thread.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.