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Hello, When I would like link my GW account to my GW2 account in Account manager. It shows XML error every time. Please repair it. Thanks.
XML error:
<Error code=“48” module=“3” line=“339” text=“callback (): ReferenceError: links is not defined ReferenceError: links is not defined at Templates\EJS\Account\link.ejs:58:1 at Object.render (Library/core-template.js:185:15) at Object.reply (Library/sugar-reply.js:96:25) at Object.<anonymous> (Account/link.js:144:24) at Library/sugar-sts.js:114:78”/>

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Hello Umaxer.

If you have not done it yet, please proceed to post a message in the following sticky. Also, if you have not done so as well, send a ticket to Customer Support, click here.