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This thread isn’t here to beg for another Karka event, or something to freely give me my precursor. Here is my story in short I am going for the Incinerator. I farmed all items and gold to get everything necessary for my legendary. All that there is left is to buy my T6 mats and my precursor. As we all know the Incinerator requires Spark. Spark has been steadily increasing at 100g a week for the past two weeks. Finally it came to a hault at 400g simply because THERE IS NO MORE IN THE MARKET. Surely something has to be done on A-net’s part about this. I’ve forged hundreds of rares and hundreds of exotics with little success of getting any precursor. I’ve killed countless dragons with no luck for myself, nor for anyone else killing dragons. So, when these options proved to be pointless, I find myself trying to buy something that isn’t out in the market. I’m not asking for Spark to be given out, but at least available get somehow. Same goes for most of the other precursors. There are only 2 Legends out there, and 5 Dusk for ridiculous amounts. That only goes to show there isn’t enough out there and more should be put in. Like higher drop rates, higher forge rates, or other means of obtaining a precursor. That’s why a Karka event in my opinion was necessary. Now we are worst before we had that event. YOUR MOVE ANET!

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You do realize this market is controlled by a small elite of TP manipulators who buy off precurors and relist only a few?

^^This. And the worst part of it all, this is well supported from Anet

We do not approve or disapprove such things; this is just how in game economy goes: precursors are very rare and therefore very expensive.

Also, as we already have threads regarding this topic, I’ll close this one and invite you to post in the already existing ones.