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I happily abide the rules of conduct in this game. There is no sense in using profanity. Swearing is definitely not needed to get a point across. The amount of negativity that comes with profanity is significant and can turn away proper players.

This has nothing to do with being a prude or anything, it has to do with good community etiquette. If a commander or guild member is mouthing off to others in the same server it can ruin morale.

I don’t care how much another player next to you is messing up it is senseless to cuss him/her out. It is more helpful to calmly tell them what they are doing wrong.

If profanity and verbal harassment keeps up in Guild Wars 2 it could turn into another League of Legends or any DotA style game for that matter where mouthing off at your own teammates is common.

Guild Wars 2 is a game and games are there for fun. If you are swearing your head off you couldn’t possibly be having fun IMO. By all means play to win.

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Hi everyone,

As this thread is not constructive anymore, we’ll now close it.

Thank you for your understanding.