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best mobility, best burst, most escapes. no risk, high reward. if youre good, it’s like godmode, literally. WvW is dominated by thieves. there’s a reason for this.

main problem is stealth uptime. CD’s are straight up too low and stealth lasts too long. stealth is so long that u actually cant always see the thief coming, especially with culling problems. stealth is so long that if the thief messes up, he can easily disappear until all CD’s reset. no risk for generally high reward.

devs mentioned they wouldnt stress balance for WvW. but these mechanics are simply broken with culling issues. one thief can only be caught by a coordinated group by chaining dazes/stuns/immobilizes, often all three.

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Hi there,

If you check in the thief sub forum, you’ll see that we have a thread dedicated to the thief and its feedback.

Please post inside for more clarity.