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I have played this game up till level 80 with an alt and let me tell you I have loved this game when I played through the leveling process.

From levels 1 – 70, the World of Tyria felt immersive, the environments were varied with many different types of areas and enemies , natural environments were filled with lush greenery and sometimes ruins of structures, in general felt like is was you know, Natural.
Likewise, the Farmlands of Queensdale actually felt it was a plain with the occasional civilization.

Enemies in the Area also felt intimidating when you are of the appropriate level. One of the fun things in the leveling process was to know that there are bigger badder baddies waiting for you as you explored, there was Progression.

But now, to the point,

In endgame, there was nothing much else to do, the areas felt terribly rushed, like in Orr, it was as if ArenaNet decided to drop the variety and creativity that they put in the earlier levels and put in the never ending waves Oh So Threatening Undead of Doom. I think I much prefer Frostgorge Sound instead, but even that was slightly dull
Orr was meant to be a great ‘Civilization’ that was sunk and then rose. But there was no sign that Orr was a remnant of a Great City, only that it was full of Sprinting Undead. So… all sense of immersion was gone from the later areas, IMO

But wait, you can explore the earlier levels yes? Yeah you can, but all matter of intimidation from the enemies are completely gone and you can just faceroll your keyboard and they will die, it is absolutely not satisfying.

Then, you have dungeons. Those are generally fun, for the first few times. After that, it feels like a complete grind. Why? Cause in dungeons, I feel like I play no role in the team, I don’t feel like I am unique in the team besides having Cultural Armor or a Legendary, if I have it. In games like WoW ( which I have never played), you have a role like DPS, Healer and Tank. No, I am not saying: ‘HOLY kitten BRING BACK THE TRINITY NAO OR I QUIT TIS GAME.’ I am saying give us some kind of role in combat, because the team could be made out of all DPS warriors and no one feels unique.
You could have roles like: Support, Damage and Control. Plus, every class should be able to play every role, that way the combat in dungeons is way more satisfying.

On top of all that, there should be goals in endgame, but right now cultural armor and Legendaries are enough to keep people occupied, but that will change as the game progresses

What are your thoughts?

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Hi everybody,

As we already have an identical thread here, we’ll now close this one in order to avoid duplicates.

Thank you for your understanding.