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So in the past week, over 9 Guild Leaders have been perma banned for “Gold Buying/Selling”. Most are restored after a lengthy petition session, but the issue is deeper than that. Why is anet allowing this to continue to happen? When a guild leader sends gold to his guild members, taken from their guild bank, it is apparently triggering an oversensitive automated system that flags him as a gold seller and auto bans him.

This sort of pull the trigger then sort it out later mentality is terrible. I don’t believe there is any way the CC or other anet employees can justify this as working as intended. It’s basically saying if you have any large amount of gold, which you worked for or earned… you can’t move it or else you will be punished immediately.

Can we get a fix for this? An apology to those involved? and some sort of word that it’s being addressed?

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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, we can’t check this kind of things via the forums. The best way to resolve this issue is to send a ticket to our customer support as Jinx stated.

Thank you for your understanding & patience.