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bought 2800 gems from tp on Christmas, havent spent, after 3 days account got terminated,this account is from my nephew, he let me borrow his account because he gets bored playing alone. i already sent a report about my problem, yes the support replied that it needs a little investigation, but its been 3 days and nothing is still happening, no update/mail, i dont know how long should i wait, i cant wait forever, we’ve been farming for our legendary weapon, i dont want to be left behind, ive been preparing those 2.8k gems to change my character’s appearance for new year, and some fine transmutation stones.
please review my ticket #121228-000266

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Hi Testament,

If you haven’t receive an answer from the customer support since more than 3 days, please post your ticket ID in this thread and the issue will be looked into.

Thank you.