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Anet/others — after coming back from vacation recently (Dec 28th), my son attempted to log on his account and he received a message saying it was banned due to selling gold for money.

I am 100% confident this is an error. He is 14 years old and had no way to access the account over the 6 days we were gone. I suppose that means someone could have hacked his account (he hasn’t given the password to anyone)? And no one in our guild saw him online while we were gone. I presume the “bot” detection programs picked him out in error …. please correct this.

I have submitted a ticket ( Incident: 121229-000234) but wanted to call this out for the community. We have 3 accounts in our family — wife, son and myself — don’t ruin the experience for all of us Anet!

Whiskeyshot @ Yaks Bend

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Hello whiskeyshot,

While we totally understand the frustration that can be caused in this situation, we are unfortunately not able to accelerate the ban appeal review via the forum. Therefore, we can only advise you to be patient until one of our customer support agent answers to your request.

Also, if you haven’t received an answer since more than three days, please post in this thread and the issue will be looked into.

Thank you for your understanding.