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I find myself playing GW2 less and less these days. In fact, I pretty much no longer play at all. My playing time started to fall off after my first Fractals run (failed Swamp run) on the launch day for Fractals. All the changes to the core foundational game design elements of GW2 since then has pretty much driven me away from the game, probably permanently.

Now, the game that I saw in the Manifesto, and the one I played in all the Beta events (except the first), and the game I played at launch, is the GW2 game that I want to be playing now. Sadly, that game no longer exists, and every fundamental part of the original design is now nowhere to be found.

I was all for this game. I bought Gems on day one to trade for gold to have a little seed money. I bought Gems to buy character slots so I could reserve all my desired character names, one for each profession. I bought Gems to expand my bank slots. I bought Gems to expand my character inventory slots. I leveled two characters to 80 and was working on my third, when it all fell apart.

I am not going to list out a litany of what is causing me not to play. That has been covered my many people in many posts. Here in these forums, and in outside venues as well. The one thing I will point out is that GW2 is, for me now, a Free To Play game. And yet, I have no desire to play it anymore.

Make of that what you will.

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While we really appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback, we’ll now close this thread as it does not invite to a constructive discussion.

Thank you for your understanding.