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Regional FlagAnet, you kittening trolling? (trading gold)Source
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Appealing for Unjustified Charges [Incident: 121228-002044]

I can assure you that he never, ever involved the cash trading.
He sent me 10 gold for us as a guild to buy the Unbreakable Choir Bell.
I received that stupid 10 gold!!!
Here is the video showing you his 10 gold goes where.
At the kittening 21:00
You already see that is our FUND JINGLE BELL

After a day you say that he is perma-banned?????
When he involved the trolling cash trading?
What if we didn’t record this video? What if we can’t speak English well?
How could we prove our innocence?
Are you kittening trolling us? You ruined everything!!!!!

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I do not understand. How is this issue flagged as “appealing for unjustified charges?” I would imagine you mean “appealing for unjustified suspension (or termination).”

Regardless, since a ticket has been filed, the issue will be reviewed and if the party is not involved in gold sales — advertising, distribution, botting to farm, etc. — the account will be reinstated.