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So here I am sitting in LA sorting out my bank and a player takes out one of those choir bells and starts mashing the highest sounding note possible over and over again, without stopping. After several minutes, I whisper this player to stop but I get no response, a few moments later, another one of these players shows up and starts mashing his bell. There is now 2 obnoxious players creating this ear-piercing sounds. I also whisper the second players to stop, they continue so I report both for “Spamming” and turn my speakers down (which I should not have to do). Another player asks them publicly to top ringing the bells at which point they start trolling the player, I say to the player to just report them for spamming and turn his sound down so these 2 bell ringers then mention they have reported us for abuse and make all kinds of unfunny remarks to banning, germans and reporting players., telling us to go find a different bank to use. Completely out of line, so I then report them for “Verbal Abuse” also as they were insulting both myself another player.

So, my question; Will the chat log be looked at correctly or will I be looking forward to a ban when I log back in? (no need to answer the second part)

When will something be done about bell spammers, a mute option perhaps?
I shouldn’t have to turn down the music of Jeremy Soule because ignorant people want to drive normal people mad.

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I am sorry this happened to you. I wouldn’t worry about getting suspended, but if you do, please immediately submit a ticket and explain the situation and the team will sort it out.

I have started an email thread on this issue. We had a similar situation of “sound harassment” in Guild Wars, and if this proves to be an issue, the devs will want to know about it. So thanks for the reports and we’re sorry about any issue you experienced with players who are not showing the proper “spirit of the season!”