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These are the bans that occurred on or around the times of December 17th to the 19th. I have scanned, scoured and reviewed almost every post that has been posted to the tickets for review (3 days and older) as well as the Account Issues forum. I have sat here for 12 days wondering if anything is going to be done or if we have received “our final answer”. I check the forum at least twice a day and make my husband check his email everyday.

The ticket that I am referring to
Account name: Steelgrizzly.3946
Ticket # 121218-000610
Submitted December 17, 2012 @ 11:17pm

I apologize in advance for posting yet again on this matter. I have sat here with much trepidation on posting this thread but I am at my wits end at what else to do. I am normally a very patient person but I am starting to get really worried that we are going to to be out an account. I have a few questions on this matter that I need answered before I buy a new game.

Do we need to worry about his GW1 account as it was linked to the GW2 account?
Are we able to “unlink” the banned account from his GW1?
Do we need to get a whole new game or is there way I can get a new activation code?
Where would I get this activation code, I do not like paying for things online so a retail place would be nice. We originally bought our games from EB Games can I return there and just get a new code?
Has he lost the ability to link his GW1 account to his this new GW2 account that I may have to get?
Will his original account be fully removed or is going to be “floating” around the system?

I am really trying to be understandable about this, but the lack of feed back is starting to weigh upon me and probably a few others that have received this. I am not going to lament about him missing most of the Wintersday event. I am not expecting any compensation for the termination of play, we would like the account back or at least a definitive answer of its not being given back because “this” program modified the game.

I apologize to those hard working people that might think that I am being “pushy or whiney” but I am really just trying to get some answers. Each time I log in or my son logs in I get a sudden anxiety that something is gonna happen, it was just that fast.

This just isn’t about the game; its about the time and money that we have put into it. We are a small family guild that takes personal pride in each of our accomplishments as we are so small. Taking out one of the Leaders has put serious dent in those accomplishments.

I am truly hoping that someone can help me at least start the process instead of sitting here and worrying.


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Corvus — I asked for a review 5 days ago. I sent a repeat request again today. The holidays are impacting some resolutions, but I don’t see any reason that you should be waiting 12 days. However, you should know that the ticket response sent on the 21st was considered a “final answer.”

The account was found to be involved in using a cheat. I fully understand that you state that no cheats were used, and that is why this needs another review. Buying another code is not advised at this time because I don’t want you to spend money to try to reactivate an account that may not be released for a new code. This can be part of the discussion you have with Support when they get back into the ticket and discuss this with the agent involved in the initial actions.

I apologize for the delay and very much hope that you will hear from someone very soon.

Gunthar Dragon — the ticket numbers are 12 digits, not 11. If your friends are still needing help and it has been three days or longer, please post in the Tickets for Review thread above.

Please note that there is a reason that the Tickets for Review thread exists: To focus concerns about older tickets in one place. Please continue to use that thread if you have concerns, rather than starting individual threads.