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A unique experience that I got from guild war 2.
My character name was Whitesaver and here is my details of what I’ve been doing since the time I bought which was on 25th of December 2012.

Day 1~ 2
Well I was playing as they intended, follow the story line exploring world and finish all the vista, map points and extra and so on and managed to reach until lvl 23

Day 3
My friends were asking me to faster lvl so I tried searchng nets to find fastest lvling route and found.
Thus I went to zone called Kessex hill and start lvling

Day 4
I reached until lvl 35(I think) and while I was playing suddenly my account got banned due to reasoning I was using bot program or something .
Of course I wasn’t using since I don’t even know how to get them in the first place.
So I asked them what was the reason for me to get banned.
Suddenly they switched my ticket from banned account to hacked account with my friend keep tells me my accounts are keep getting on and offline.

Then, I realize they are starting to act like as if My account were blocked due to hacking or something and they are acting as if they are being generous and making me to release my account with asking my details.

I wil say this once. I won’t comment about whether the game is awesome or not but gm services are TERRIBLE REALLY.
Falsly accuse people then try to cover up their stuff because they are afraid to get sued or something yeah .. very interesting.

Thus, right now on Day 5 my account got unbanned with providing all my info details that I wan’t even suppose to provide and now I’m kitten and asking for refund steps to get refunds

Im gonna add in since it became day 6
I found out these kind of issues are happening especially area where bots are intense and gm in game seems quite bad with determining whether the player is normal player or bot player

I would understand about mistakes and so on since gms are human also.
But the part where changing the ticket from banned account to hacked account is really something gms shouldn’t have done it where IT people like me would definetly notice and raise the anger.

following attachement is the proof that my account were initially banned with reason of bot usage
This is because to clarify my account wasn’t hacked but banned initially and they switched to hacked.

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Often, account thieves steal an account, use it for botting, and then get banned. They therefore cause the account owner TWO issues: They steal (compromise) the account and they get it banned for botting. It is not at all unusual for an account to be banned for botting, and then, upon contact from the owner, to have the account mark changed to “hacked account.” That is a normal change that takes part as the issue is brought to the team and investigated.

You have a ticket on file, so please update to continue to discuss with Support. But I hope you understand the system better now, and realize this is not something over which we have control, and that we’ll do the best we can to get legitimate players back on their accounts as soon as possible.