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Hello, my account was compromised by someone who had local access to my computer. I am very interested in my account being restored to prior to this event. This event happened on December 10, 2012.

I opened ticket 121228-000715 on December 27, 2012 after I found out about this tool.

I’ve received two responses, one was asking for more information; after I provided the information I received the second response which gave me the information that I needed to reset my password (which I neither wanted nor requested) and told me that support could not restore characters or items.

How long before someone actually restores my account? I don’t want to play characters that aren’t going to last once my account is restored. Please have someone actually read my ticket, because I have no doubt that I’ll be adding my ticket to the 3 day old list tomorrow as there is no end in sight.

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It doesn’t matter that you were at work. Ultimately, the security of your account is your responsibility. Being “locally hacked” means you either left the game open, saved both credentials in an insecure environment, shared the account, or used such insecure credentials that a friend or family member guessed them.

Restoration is intended for accounts that are accessed from an unknown, remote third party, not an “Evil Little Brother” or a buddy who was sharing the account. I’m sorry, but you are not eligible for a restoration.

Incidentally, it seems to me that the team was smart to send you new credentials, since it was clear that someone else may have access to the account. This wasn’t an error, but an attempt to assist you.