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My account was hacked last week, and I was very happy with the initial support provided by ANet. I supplied all important info, reformatted my comp, changed all my email passwords, and installed better security. ANet returned the account to me.

Of course, my immediate question was about getting my ‘lost’ stuff returned. On 12/21 the response from Hector on case 121220-002277 was basically ‘No’.

I decided to accept this fate, but did go on to plead for 1 of my 2 ‘Gifts of Explorations’ back, I have not received a reply.

Now today, I see the FAQ posted by Gaile that if an account was compromised since Dec 1,2012, it CAN be rolled back – this was not offered to me, so now I’m confused, and a little concerned.

I don’t want to be rolled back now – I’ve spent a significant time re-acquiring things and have some nice stuff since the return of my account. Seeing that support did NOT give me the option to roll back on the support request, is it possible to get this one item returned to me? I’m not asking for both, I just want ONE gift of exploration back. Having to get 100% world exploration all over again just gives me this sinking feeling. I enjoyed the journey but have no desire to do that all over again anytime soon.

If rollback is my only option, I may have to just suck it up and take it…but would really like to hear a response on what can be done, if anything since support says no, but the forum post says ‘yes’.

Thanks for your consideration..

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As explained in the post about account restorations, the service is all or nothing. It’s an all-account “roll back” to a date as close as possible to the compromise incident. What you are requesting is the replacement of an item, and we do not offer that service.

I did review the ticket, and I do not know why you were told that we could not restore the account. It appears that you would have been eligible, although at this point I understand you do not want to lose the progress you’ve made since the account was restored to you. I apologize for that miscommunication, and I am letting the agent’s lead know that this happened, so that this erroneous message isn’t given to anyone else. But again, we do not have the ability to replace items in the manner you request.