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Incident: 121217-001155

Hello I wrote my ticket on the 17th after I was hacked on the 16 th december.
I asked to restore my account as I lost all the crafting and pretty much all the gear I had.
Today it’s the 30th of december and no answer at all since the 19th of december when some Fredy replied to my ticket and said “I am escalating your ticket for further assistance. Once your ticket has been reviewed, someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.”.
I’m not upset or whatever but the lack of any reply is disheartening. I would like to know if I have to still wait for some magic wand to restore my account or I can forget about that and carry on.
So far the support has been dreadful and the lack of answers abysmal. The fact that I’m here begging for some reply really says a lot about the service that I have been given.

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You have been patient, and I’m sorry that you have not had a more informative response. You were on my review list five days ago and I’ve asked again for help with that today. Again, I am sorry that you’ve been waiting so long.