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Regional Flaggame wont download on laptopSource
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When i try to download the game it would run to 10308 KB and then it would shut off and not go back on
i tried looking at other peoples post to see if anything would help but nothing seems to be working
I also tried to take the files of gw2 from another computer and put it on this one via hard drive but when i try to run .exe it would get stuck at 0KB download
I also just factory reseted this laptop

-i tried to turn off AVG
-run as administrator
-turn off firewall

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Hi lilidiep – I went and looked at your Game Advisor report and it doesn’t look like you’ve got any video card drivers installed. This could definitely explain the issue that you’re experiencing. Depending on whether or not you have an Nvidia or AMD card installed, I would recommend checking out the auto-detect features of one of the two websites to locate the most up to date drivers for your laptop:

For Nvidia cards:

For AMD cards: