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Hi Team,

I am creating this thread in hope that you will answer my questions/concerns below since customer support is not answering my question/giving a reply that makes no sense at all (please refer to screenshot of question and reply attached).

First things first:

1. Me and my brother got banned for allegedly “botting”. We both created support tickets for this

2. After around 12 hours, received confirmation from a GM via support system that the ban has been reversed. Thanks for the quick response

3. I am now able to log into the game. My brother is still unable to log into the game because he ran into some other password reset problem (the password given to him by the GM worked but when he tried to reset his password, the password reset utility gave him an error and now he can’t log into his account either with his old or new password)

The events leading to the ban:

1. I gifted my brother with a GW2 account several days ago. I’ve been a guild wars 2 player myself for around 4 to 5 months now

2. My brother figured out that the fastest way to level was to run the DE circuit in Kessex Hills doing a. repairing the bridge -> b. kill the harathi lieutentants -> c. kill the harathi overlord -> d. go to the swamp and check if the krait hypnoss event or the sylvari settlement events are up and do those -> go back to a.

As a side note: I’ve never done DE farming myself for the past 4 months I’ve been playing GW2, but we wanted to do an in-game activity that we could do together and apart from dungeons and WvW, the only other recourse is DE’s (as doing hearts together is pointless since you really can’t help each other out). Dungeons in this game are a pain to run (even story mode) and are so very unfriendly to casuals, and none of us are really into that whole WvW thing.

3. We have been doing this repeatedly for more than 8 hours a day (it’s Christmas vacation – we don’t have anything else to do) WITHOUT the use of any bot, 3rd party programs, macros, or any automated means -> in short, we are acutally in front of our PC’s/laptops, playing the game together. Since he’s in another room, we use skype to communicate to each other.

Let me just reiterate this again – WE ARE NOT USING ANY BOTS, MACROS, 3rd PARTY PROGRAMS OR WHATNOT. It’s me, and my brother, and my other brother, in front of our PC’s and laptops talking to each other over skype the whole time ALL THE TIME we are running these events. I say this because some people here in the forums tend to take this condescending tone and say “I don’t believe you, you can’t be banned if you’re actually not doing wrong”. Well hello there, please refer to my case.

Anyway, earlier yesterday, we both woke up to find that our accounts have been banned due to “botting”.

I was given the impression that any bot reports are thoroughly investigated by a real person before an account termination is passed (as evidenced by red response in this thread https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Review-Automatic-Ban-Mechanisms/ among others).

I find it very hard to believe that a real person investigated our accounts before banning us for botting because a real live person investigating would immediately see that we are OBVIOUSLY not botting just by observing how our characters move, act, and interact with other players in game.

This is apart from the fact that we have invited other people to join our Kessex Hills farming party because most people stop at Harathi Overlord and we need people to come with us to the Krait Hypnoss event to kill those faster.

There are party chat with me giving instructions to other random people we meet and party up with on which event to do next, where to go next, and so on. We have stopped doing circuits from time to time to eat, take a bath, sleep, and so on. All of these evidence would be transparent from in-game activity logs (which I assume the game keeps to help GM’s investigate these allegations).

I cannot think of any reason or any activity that we have done in-game which would even make us suspects for botting apart from running the same 4 to 6 dynamic events in Kessex over and over and over again for extended periods of time. Last I’ve heard, this is still a legal way to level up. Please correct this impression if I’m wrong.

What would have been a great cap to a christmas vacation enjoying my time with my brothers have now turned sour because of this. The three of us have been hardly sleeping (yes, I have two brothers but only me and one of my brothers got banned) because we have been having so much fun running these events and figuring out how to kill Harathi Overlord even when there’s only the three of us (which we did, by the way).

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I am sorry, but if you would stop and think about it, asking “What did I do to get caught?” is not asking for transparency, it is asking for information that could be — in the wrong hands — a blueprint of cheating.

I have spoken about this many times in these forums. You might use the search engine to find lengthier responses, but be assured that a high level of care is used, that we’re constantly refining systems to reduce false positives, and we’re not able to provide chapter and verse on the parameters that might catch an innocent party, because they are most certainly catching a plethora of guilty parties.

You have our apologies for the time outs, and our assurance that we’ll do our best to get better at reducing false positives and at getting people back onto their accounts even more quickly.