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Uh, my sister just saw my computer open with the game running while i was taking a bath and by chance deleted my exotic greatsaw greatsword. The exotic base isn’t all that important to me but the skin itself is something i got by buying tons of mystic keys at halloween and opened about 40 chests all in all to get. Seeing it gone and no way for me to buy again in a hundred years because of the prize in the trading post saddens me immensely.
Is there any way i can get a new greatsaw skin? I’m really sad to lose it, especially after having so hard to get it.

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We cannot offer item replacements. I’m very sorry, but please take this as a lesson to never, ever leave your account open when you are not actively playing the game. I’m serious — after all I’ve seen about intrusions and pesky sibling behavior, if you have other people in the house, I’d close it down even for a potty break.