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Hi, before moving this, please consider that the thread about this issue that was moved to Discussion should of stayed here since it appears the dev team did not know about it until the AMA, and still no official response from dev team in that thread about the issue that alot of people are having.

The issue: Loot drop rates have appeared to be lowered since the Nov 15 patch that was ment to increase drop quality for champs/vets. An example of this issue is after 2 hours of doing events, doing hearts, and randomly killing stuff (all required killing stuff), there were 0 drops from champs and vets, and what I did get in that 2 hours was

2 blue items
12 crafting mats or items that result in crafting mats (bags/salvagable)
29 junk items (items that get sold when you hit sell junk)
… that is all …

Rare/exotic drops are extremely rare now, you are lucky if you get one in 1h 20m of doing the Jofast/shelter/pent event runs (and related events) and it is extremely rare for the vets in those events to drop anything. This is a contributing factor in the increase in price of ectos on the TP.

This also effects players trying to level up characters, who used to have plenty of coin to buy “all” the trait books at level 40, but now struggle to buy the 20 trait one. It also makes upgrading gear from drops alot harder since the gear you can use drops alot less often. In 6 levels I’ve only managed to upgrade 3 items, pants, shoulders, and staff, and am struggling to stay alive doing events and hearts with the much lower level gear I still have on, making it a much less enjoyable experience since I have to use way points and repair armor more often than I did with characters I leveled up before this bug.

The ONLY place people are reporting decent drop rates are in Fractals early levels (people are complaining that higher level (20+) drop rates are also low). This is also a contributing factor for the lower population in open world since farming fractals is much more profitable due to this bug.

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Any further comments on this topic can be posted in the linked thread; thank you for your feedback.

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