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I read article where Mike Lewis apeak about War Against the Bots and it sounds good but reality is other. I dont see that number of bots in game is decreasing the other way around i think that number of bots have raised. Is good to know that Anet know about this problem but their solving of botting is very slow. Today i have found about 10 bots only on Frostgorge Sound map and friend about 5 another bots on same map. They are farming here lodestones which lead to ruining of ingame economy and other players cannot farm there because these about 5-member groups of bots farm it very fast but bigger problem is that Anet is solving it very very slowly. Before one month ago i reported one bot and today im surprised that exactly same bot is still farming on same place, after one month after reporting!!! I think that now it must be faster to recognize bots because every can see how bots are now somehow porting or something like this….you clearly see that it is program and not real player.

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Hello Runcore,
thanks for your thoughts on this delicate topic. However, and as usual, you´re kindly asked to continue helping by reporting bots with the in-game tool or via customer service.
Many thanks!